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Jonathan Engelsma, Ph.D.


Jonathan Engelsma is the founding director of GVSU’s Applied Computing Institute (ACI).  ACI provides applied computing services and collaboration opportunities in cybersecurity, apps, data science, health informatics, high performance computing and beyond to industry partners  In addition to his leadership of ACI, Jonathan serves as a professor of computer science in the GVSU School of Computing and Information Systems, where he teaches courses in distributed systems, mobile computing, and web development.   Prior to joining the faculty at GVSU, Jonathan spent almost two decades working in the tech industry, and has numerous publications and patents in mobile computing related areas. Jonathan earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Michigan State University in 1993.


Associated Faculty

photo or professor Robert Adams

Robert Adams, Ph.D.


Dr. Adams is a professor in the GVSU School of Computing and Information Systems, where he also serves as the program director of the Masters in Computer Information Systems graduate program. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky in 1999. His research focus includes the broad range of issues including computer science capstone pedagogy, and global software engineering. He is also interested in how computing can help other disciplines, being involved with projects in such diverse fields such as Latin and musicology.

Photo of Hans Dulimarta

Hans Dulimarta, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Dulimarta is currently an associate professor at GVSU’s School of Computing and Information System.  His research interests are in computer graphics and mobile applications.  In recent years, Hans has served as a consultant on a number of industry-sponsored software development projects. He earned his PhD in Computer Science at Michigan State University, thanks to a scholarship provided by the Indonesian government. As a scholarship awardee, he was required to return and work for the Indonesian government after finishing his doctoral studies. After completing the employment requirement as a university professor in Indonesia, he decided to come back to return to USA and chose West Michigan as the home for his family.


Photo of Prof Kalafut

Andrew Kalafut, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Kalafut’s teaching and research focuses on networking and security.  He completed his Ph.D. in computer science at Indiana University in 2010, where he focused on cyberfraud detection through infrastructure analysis.




Photo of Jared Moore

Jared Moore, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Moore is currently an assistant professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems.  His research interests are evolutionary robotics, genetic algorithms, and machine learning.  He teaches a variety of courses including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Prior to joining GVSU, Jared received his PhD in Computer Science from Michigan State University in 2015 where he was also a member of the NSF Sponsored BEACON Center for the study of evolution in action.  There he worked with interdisciplinary teams of engineers, biologists and computer scientists on robotic fish and the study of bipedal hopping.


Dr. Rahat Ibn Rafiq

Rahat Ibn Rafiq

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rafiq is currently an assistant professor in the School of Computing. His research interests are mostly concentrated on social computing, data mining, cybersafety, ubiquitous computing and distributed systems. Prior to joining GVSU, Rahat worked at ThoughtSpot, a startup based in Palo Alto, California for 14 months. He earned his PhD from University of Colorado Boulder where he was one of the co-founding members of CUCyberSafety Lab. His PhD dissertation is titled “Scalable and Timely Detection of Cyberbullying in Online Social Networks”.

Guenter Tusch, Ph.D.


Dr. Tusch is a professor in the GVSU School of Computing and Information Systems, where he also serves as the chair of the Masters in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics graduate program. The program is member of AMIA’s Academic Forum and listed in the Top 25 Master’s in Healthcare Informatics Degrees ranked by mba-healthcare-management.com. His current research fields are classification and data mining in biomedical and bioinformatics applications with focus on integrated decision-support systems and their effective implementation; another focus is on microarray and NGS data analysis and temporal data mining in biomedical informatics, with more than 100 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Tusch earned a MS in Computer Science from the University and a PhD in Medical Informatics from the Medical School in Hannover, Germany. He received formative training with Ted Shortliffe, MD, PhD, at Stanford University. He held leading positions in the healthcare industry and academic positions in informatics, computer science and abdominal and transplantation surgery.



Griffin Going

Griffin Going

ACI Resident

Fullstack Developer

Esteban Echeverri Jaramillo

Graduate Assistant

Esteban Echeverri is currently pursuing his master in applied computer science at GVSU. He is interested in topics like high performance computing and machine learning. At the present time he is focused on creating ML models that extract information from audio data.

George Hoffman

ACI Resident

Full Stack Developer

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Jemima Turnbull
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Alvaro Ardila
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