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At the GVSU Applied Computing Institute, we’ve made it easy for our external partners to engage in projects with our computer science faculty and students.  Whether you’re looking for a proof-of-concept implementation in the short term, or have a more in-depth computing problem that may require more specialized expertise, we’d really like to hear from you!

App Ubiquity!

Apps are ubiquitous and tightly integrated into our daily lives.  They help facilitate decision making and communication in our work and play. Apps often serve as the front-end to other devices and systems that gather data within their respective environments and help us live healthier lives, or better understand and respond to complex problems, such as the decline of honey bee populations.

Data Science

In recent years, many applications have become more helpful, personal and informative.  At the core of many of these applications are the techniques of Data Science. The techniques are used to learn from the data that is collected and archived by the host organizations.  The new knowledge can be applied to many areas.

Health Informatics

Since Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are mission-critical to healthcare delivery organizations and must be integrated with their plethora of other information systems, there are emerging tools for innovation adding value and convenience the sometimes inflexibility and challenging user interfaces of current EHRs. The most promising candidate to serve as such a platform is SMART on FHIR


The cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing. Even as old vulnerabilities get patched, new vulnerabilities continually are created, and new threats are developed by attackers intent on exploiting poor security for their own gain. Cybersecurity expertise is needed to recognize the current threats, determine how they apply to your organization, and develop the best solutions to protect your organization against the threats and attacks it is likely to face.

High Performance Computing

The Olympic motto is: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. In computing a similar motto is: “Faster, Larger and Cheaper”. The evolution of the hardware capabilities of computers over the last sixty years has been remarkable: computers have become faster; their capacity to store data has grown tremendously and it possible to store much larger data sets and the prices per unit of computing and storage capacities have continued to fall, making all kinds of applications feasible.

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