Effective Software Development

We will be having a MASL Meetup on Friday afternoon, November 30, at 3pm in B1-118 Mackinac Hall on the Allendale Campus. Anybody in the GVSU community interested in mobile technology and/or software development in general are welcome to attend.

Speaker: Sam Serpoosh – Sam is a passionate software developer and graduate student in GVSU’s School of Computing.  Sam works as a graduate assistant in the Mobile Apps & Services lab. Sam gets into writing awesome software and is interested in all things agile. You can follow Sam’s blog on software craftmanship here.

Abstract: With always-changing requirements during the software development life cycle you need to be fast and responsive. However, the only way to go fast is to go WELL! If your code is a mess and you don’t have an efficient way to test your changes you’ll be afraid to touch it, and hence you won’t be going anywhere! As Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce put it: “Fear kills Progress!”. However, we can make the fear disappear with efficient programming and software development techniques! One of the most important practices of effective software development is Test Driven Development. In this talk we will discuss these issues and try to inspire attendees to think more agile by adopting test driven development practices.