The Mobile Applications and Services Lab is pleased to announce that Dr. Venu Vasudevan of Motorola Mobility will be giving a guest lecture on Monday, March 28, 2011. All interested faculty and students are welcome to attend.

Where: 123 Manitou Hall (GVSU’s Allendale Campus)
When: 3 – 3:50 pm, March 28, 2011

Title: Can Couch Potatoes be Collaborators?

Abstract: Content and communication have converged towards collaborative media – where media rather than people are the objects around which collaborations & conversations are centered. The device and group dynamics around collaborative media have similarly broadened: from highly capable devices to pervasive devices (e.g. TV & mobile) and from small, strongly connected groups to large collaborative groups of people with weak inter-personal ties. This talk will address some of the experiences and challenges in delivering a collaborative media experience to pervasive devices such as TV and multi-screen collaborative media. We will address the systems challenges in scaling these experiences across large user populations, and creating coherent crowdsourced experiences across large user populations.

Biography: Dr. Venu Vasudevan is senior director of the Betaworks, an incubator within Motorola’s Applied Research with responsibility for identifying technologically differentiating and commercially viable opportunities in the spaces of mobile & pervasive computing, and social media. Prior to this, Venu directed the Software Platforms Lab with research focus on applying distributed computing technologies to efficient and scalable media delivery architectures for advancing television and mobile platforms – including several key Motorola initiatives in the mobile/pervasive media space. Venu holds a PhD from The Ohio State University, and has co-authored over 50 papers in journals and international conferences, and is a member of Motorola’s Science Advisory Board.