This talk is our second on server side technologies for mobile apps. It will be an introduction into Ruby and Rails describing it’s strengths as a web application framework. Topics will include database access and manipulation, RESTful resources, Ruby as a language, and integrations and RESTful APIs which are useful in mobile applications. This talk will also highlight RailsBridge, a community built to support those learning the Rails framework.

Our guest speaker is Zach Moazeni. Zach is a craftsman who has spent years working in the Ruby/Rails environment. He has built and deployed many Rails applications for organizations and start ups alike. In addition to building applications, he has led teams, trained developers, and holds agile software practices in the highest regard. He is an alumni of Grand Valley State University and spent a number of years in the Enterprise Java arena before his transition to Ruby/Rails.

Zach’s presentation viewgraphs have been made available here.

The meeting will be held Tuesday (March 2) at 4pm-5pm in D2-168 Mackinac Hall, and is open to anyone in the GVSU community who is interested in joining us.

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