iPhone development using xCode.

iPhone development using xCode.

It’s likely not a day goes by when you don’t hear about some new cool mobile application that just got launched.  What you likely haven’t heard much about was the “behind the scenes” story.  For example, how does one go about writing such an app, what tools are needed, what kind of hurdles are involved in deploying in the app stores, and how does it feel to have hundreds of thousands of people using your app?  At our next MASL meetup, student researchers (and veteran mobile developers) Greg Zavitz and Alejo Montoya will share their first hand experiences creating and deploying mobile applications for the  Blackberry and iPhone platforms, respectively.

The meeting will be held Tuesday (February 2) at 4pm-5pm in D2-168 Mackinac Hall, and is open to anyone in the GVSU community who is interested in mobile technology.

Download Alejo Montoya’s Introduction to iPhone Development slides here.

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