Student Opportunities

If you are a GVSU undergraduate majoring in computer science, there are a couple of different ways you can get involved in the Applied Computing Institute.  First, all CS majors must complete CIS 467 – Senior Project.  The content of senior projects is either based on project proposals submitted to the Applied Computing Institute by its corporate partners, or based on startup-up ideas that student teams pitch before the semester begins.   CS majors can also get involved in ACI by applying to the ACI residency program.  Students that are granted a residency will work on sponsored projects in ACI’s Applied Computing Services Laboratory, earning both a wage as well as credit towards their degree program.  ACI residencies can span two or more academic semesters.

There are a limited number of graduate assistantships available to School of CIS graduate students.  Most of these graduate assistantships involved working on sponsored projects with ACI industry partners, or projects sponsored by external grants.

Computer Science Senior Projects

The senior project course (CIS 467) is the capstone of the GVSU computer science major’s program. The course provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate their software development proficiency by working on a real software deliverable.

ACI's Residency Program

ACI residencies are available to high aptitude GVSU computer science majors who have been admitted into the program and successfully completed their first two years of coursework. A residency provides the student the opportunity to work with a real client for one or more semester.