Researchers from Arris, Inc. will be visiting the School of CIS on Friday,  January, 20 to share with us how television is being redefined.   Dr. Venu Vasudevan will be giving a talk on his research on Friday afternoon.  All interested faculty/students are encouraged to attend:

Title: TV 2020

When: 2pm, January 30

Where: B-1-126 Mackinac Hall.

Abstract: With the plateauing of mobile, social and commerce, Television remains one of the last planetary-scale markets (with a global penetration of over 4B customers) ripe for redefinition. Yet it’s a space where much publicized attempts at disruptions over the last 5 years have turned out to be head fakes. Be it Game consoles with TV powers, Social TV, the OTT disruption, Android and Apple TV, 3DTV, Tablet TV, Companion TV – each ‘barbarian at the gate’ has turned out to be either less menacing than expected, or an adjacent market misinterpreted as a threat.

Why has the effect of computing and digitization on TV been muted compared to other markets. Is it poor technology, legal & regulatory friction, monetization challenges, fragmented ecosystem, some combination thereof, or something exogenous? What will TV look like 5 years from now in 2020? Will it narrow into a component of the home entertainment market. Or will it reshape in notable ways in hardware, software and UX dimensions to interact with IoT and Wearables & evolve into the Home Hub for entertainment, security, health and information-centric markets. The talk will address these topics (both hindsight and forward looking speculation) from a software and computing perspective.

Speaker: Venu Vasudevan, Ph.D., Senior Director, Multi-Screen Media Analytics & Systems, Advanced Technology, Arris Inc.
Venu manages advanced technologies and emerging products around media analytics and monetization in a multi-screen world. His current focus areas are the creation of emerging products around multi-screen interactive advertising, and core media analytics technologies for enhanced media search and recommendation. In past lives, Venu has managed a research group on Mobile & Social Computing, been an architect on a one of the world’s largest distributed systems (Iridium), and involved in a software startup in intelligent & assistive software. Over the past few years, his work has led to over 50 technical papers, 25 filed patents, and the incubation of several strategic business initiatives around Mobile, Social & TV. Venu has a PhD from the Ohio State University, and is also currently an adjunct faculty at Rice University.