Preview of the soon to be released Windows Phone edition of GVSU Laker Mobile.

Title: Mango Smoothie – A Developer Overview

When: Friday, November 11, 2pm-3pm

Where: D2-168 MAK  (IT conference room)

Who: Any GVSU faculty/students who are interested in mobile technology


This presentation will give an overview of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango.  We will talk about the tools/technologies used to develop for Windows Phone, and showcase the controls available.  We will also discuss our experiences developing a Windows Phone edition of the GVSU Laker Mobile app in the mobile lab.  Our goal is to bring the audience up to date on Microsoft’s new Windows Phone platform. Attendees will gain a good overall understanding of the platform and how to get started developing for it.

Speaker:  Juan Mejia is a graduate assistant in the GVSU Mobile Applications and Services Lab.  He previously graduated with his computer science degree from EAFIT University in Columbia.  Juan is interested in .NET and Silverlight development, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.