The GVSU Mobile Apps & Services Lab will be hosting a “meetup” on Friday afternoon.  All GVSU students & faculty interested in mobile technology are welcome to join us.

When: Friday, October 28, 2011 @ 2pm – 3pm

Where: C1-130 Mackinac Hall

Speaker: Alex Restrepo


This talk will be on adapting the open source Echoprint audio fingerprinting library to work with Android devices. Echoprint is a native, C++ based library for Desktop and iOS computers, used for audio fingerprinting (extracting unique audio features) that allows a server-backed database to quickly recognize audio. This sort of functionality is useful in apps (such as the popular  Shazaam mobile app) that are able to recognize music. The Android Echoprint project uses the library native code, code from the iOS echoprint wrapper, a thin JNI glue layer, and a couple of Java classes to provide fast and easy access to the fingerprinting code.

Speaker Bio: Alex Restrepo is a graduate assistant in GVSU’s Mobile Apps & Services Lab (MASL).  He’s an accomplished iOS developer who has just spent a memorable summer coming up to speed on Android.