We’ve just refreshed GVSU Laker Mobile for Android!   Version 1.1.2 introduced a number of exciting new features and also eliminates those 1 or 2 bugs that were bothering you all.  Well ok, maybe there were 3 bugs.  In any case, the new version includes a variety of new features, including a brand new horizontally scrolling tab bar main view, the GVSU events calendar, the GVSU library, and more.

For those who already have the new version installed in their phones, the look has changed. As you’ll see the new menu is a horizontal scroll bar that will let you move the options from right to left and includes the original features “News”, “Directory”, “Tweets”, “Media”, “Maps” and two new features – access to the GVSU Library search application, and access to GVSU’s Events  calendar.

Scroll bar

To use the new menu, simply touch it anywhere and drag to the left or right and then tap the tab icon you are interested in. The new appearance is not only cosmetics; some of the original features were improved to achieve better performance. Under the media tab we’ve added additional GVSU-related content and also eliminated a couple of bugs users reported.  In particular, some of you noticed that the campus  web cams aren’t always working, and when one was down the app would “force close”, or even lock up.  We’ve now addressed this so that you simply get notified when a camera is not available.  And by the way, we have no control over these cameras!  We are simply integrating systems that are made available by others in the context of the application.   Another big improvement is in the GVSU photo gallery.  You’ll notice the gallery loads and scrolls much faster than it did. .

We’re really excited about our new features.  On the library tab you can search the GVSU Library offerings and more, right from your Android phone.   At this time, you can only search for content, you can actually read or retrieve eBooks for example.  However, you can forward your search results to your email address and grab them from your computer next time you are online.

Another new feature is the integration of the GVSU Events calendar.  We’ve worked closely with our friends over in Institutional Marketing to make sure you’ve always got something GVSU-related to do!   You can look up the entire calendar or just categories of events you are interested in.


We’ve enjoyed putting this version of GVSU Laker Mobile together, and would love to hear form you all.  If you use GVSU Laker Mobile on your Android phone, please drop us a line, or better yet… go to the Android Market and take a minute to give us a good rating/review!

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