If you’re like us GVSU grad students working in the School of Computing’s GVSU Mobile Apps and Services Lab the two loves of your life are at minimum your shiny new iPhone and GVSU’s learning management system, aka as “Blackboard”. We like the rest of you have been sad that these two objects of our affection have not found a meaningful way to integrate themselves. For example, imagine you are on Spring Break down in Florida and you suddenly have an urge to do some blackboarding. You know what we mean, check if your profs posted any new homework assignments while you were out, download lecture notes to review while you’re out on the beach, etc. and then oops, you discover there is NOT an app for that.

Well, we’ve decided to put an end to this situation once and for all! We’ve felt and shared your pain, and after months of exhaustive hacking we are excited to announce GVSU Blackboard for iPhone! This new app was locally grown right here in the Mobile Applications and Services Laboratory and is designed to give you access to all aspects of your GVSU educational experience on your shiny iPhone anytime, anywhere.

Here are a few exciting new features of the new GVSU BlackBoard for iPhone app:

• Assign your own grades
• Shake-n-pay – pay your tuition and more with a single virtual handshake.
• Find your professor – take advantage of your professor’s iPhone to hunt him/her down when they fail to show up for class.
• DIY myBanner override – just what you need when you try to register for a class and find its already full.
• And of course… everything you can currently do with the web version of BlackBoard, which we think is quite a lot.


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