Please join us this Friday for our next Mobile Apps & Services Lab Meetup.

When: Friday, November 19 @ 3pm
Where: MAK D2227
Speaker: Dr. Ryan McFall, Associate Prof of CS at Hope College

Many publishers have touted electronic books as a great idea for textbooks. Unfortunately, traditional notions of what electronic books might look like focus on replicating the experience of reading a paper book, rather than seeking to find ways to use the new medium to support learning in ways that paper books cannot.

In this talk, I will review work that we did at Hope College in the period from 2001-2006 to develop and evaluate an electronic textbook application that takes advantage of digital content and the connectivity offered by wireless networks in ways that may transform the way textbooks are conceived of. This will include a review of the features of the textbook, as well as some analysis of the impact that the e-textbook had on both learning and teaching.

Today, some exciting new platforms such as the iPad and other “Tablet PCs” are becoming available. During the talk, we will brainstorm about how these platforms might support learning.

Speaker Bio:
Ryan McFall is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Hope College, where he completed his undergraduate work in 1993. He holds M.S. and PhD. degrees from Michigan State University. His primary research interests have focused on the ways that technology can support education. He lives in Zeeland with his wife and 3 young children, and is an avid tennis player when not working or spending time with his family.