gitOur speaker this week is Dr. Hans Dulimarta from the GVSU School of Computing. Dr. Dulimarta will be giving a technical talk on Git. On his recent sabbatical, among many other things, Dr. Dulimarta wrote a lot of code with other researchers working at remote sites. Within this particular context which involved multiple developers were spread over multiple sites, he found Git a particularly useful way to manage shared source code. Most of you are already familiar with CVS, subversion and similar SCM solutions, but Git is a bit different in that it’s decentralized. Dr. Dulimarta’s talk will help you understand how Git differs from what you are already using and why you might want to consider using it for your future projects.

The meeting will be held Tuesday (March 30) at 4pm-5pm in D2-168 Mackinac Hall. Faculty and students not directly involved in MASL but interested in learning about mobile and related technologies are encouraged to attend.

Please mark your calendars for this future MASL Meetup:

  • April 13: Demo Day – demonstrations of a number mobile apps developed this semester in MASL.