appengine_lowres Proficiency with the iPhone/Android SDKs these days is obviously one tool that must be in the mobile developer’s toolbox. However, in addition to the applications installed on the devices themselves, most interesting mobile applications these days involve services that are hosted in the network. Hence, architecting and implementing good server side solutions is another very important component that mobile developers must be familiar with.

Google App Engine is a cloud computing application platform offered by Google that allows one to create server side services and deploy them in Google- managed data centers. Deploying services via the cloud is particular interesting especially for experimental mobile application development in that it allows researchers/developers to deploy their app with minimal resources (Google App Engine is free up to certain cpu/storage/bandwith thresholds) but at the same time provides the ability to easily scale up/down as demand for the application varies over time.

In this talk, Prof. Christian Trefftz will give an introduction to Google App Engine. An overview of of the platform and practical information on how to get started using GAE in your own projects will be covered. Dr. Trefftz will walk us through a simple application, demonstrate its deployment, and also show us the various administrative interfaces Google provides to help you manage/monitor your deployed application.

The meeting will be held Tuesday (February 16) at 4pm-5pm in D2-168 Mackinac Hall, and is open to anyone in the GVSU community who is interested in mobile and related technologies.

Also, please mark your calendars for this upcoming MASL Meetup:

  • March 2, Ruby on Rails, Presenter: Zach Moazeni, elevatorup.